Askew Specialty Group L.L.C. was started in December 14, 2005 by Ed Askew.  It is something I have talked about doing for way too long.  I specialize in web design, software design and photography.

I grew up in Granger Utah, went to Granger High School and graduated in 1981.  I became addicted to the outdoors at a very young age.  Growing up we had a truck, camper, and tote goats and would go camping at least a couple of weekends a month.  We always went up the main canyon dirt road that is at the top of Daniels canyon outside of Heber City, Utah.  Once a year we would go on vacation to Yellowstone.  I was very active in the Boy Scouts because of the activities they did in the outdoors.  I was also a scoutmaster for over 11 years.  I love anything to do with the outdoors, fishing, fly tying, camping, hiking, backpacking, ATV’s, Mountain Biking, photography, snowmobiling, and whatever else I can do in the outdoors.

I graduated from DeVry Institute of Technology in Phoenix, Arizona in 1987 with a B.S. in Electronic Engineering Technology.  My first job was as a software engineer and I have been writing software ever since.  My first job was at EDO Corporation writing embedded controller software for underwater acoustics sonar systems.  I have since worked at Colmek writing sonar simulators for submarines, Utah Scientific writing embedded controllers for video routers used at TV stations, Autosoft writing inventory automation software and I currently work for Daifuku America writing software for inventory automation.

I have been designing web pages on and off for about 6 years.  For the last 4 years I have gotten deeply involved into photography.  With 19 years experience as a Software Engineer and the love of photography, web design is the perfect job to tie both of these skills together.

I also maintain a few content websites that relate to my favorite past times: travel photography, ATV trail riding, and camping.  My daughter is on the high school basketball team and I created a website for her team also.

With my current job I have been sent to all but nine states and through vacations I have been to the rest of those states but Louisiana.  I have collected travel brochures and information, ATV trail guides and maps that currently fill up two, four drawer file cabinets, multiple boxes and many book shelves in my office.  I have found it hard trying to find information on where there is to photograph and what time of the day is best for a particular area when I travel on business.  What are the trails like for ATVing, can I take my kids on the trail or will it be too advanced for them to go on, where to camp, are all questions that are hard to find answers for.  I have often though it would be nice to have a website that has all of this photography information, ATV information and camping information, that doesn’t require you to buy a membership to view it.

My mission and plan is to take all of this information that I have and create an ATV trail website, travel photography website and a camping website.  I am hoping that others like yourself would also feel that it would be nice to have this information on a website that you would freely share your knowledge also.  Because it would be impossible for anyone to know everything about these subjects covered in these websites,  my hope is that you would take a minute and share your information on any of these subjects by emailing me pictures and descriptions on any of your favorite places.  If you have any ideas on how to make this our website’s better I would love to hear them. Please submit your information to us.

I am hoping through the sale of advertising on these sites that it will be able to pay for the maintenance and hosting fees to keep these websites free. If you would like to advertise or know someone that would contact me at us.

I also plan on having a newsletter once a month for each site when I get them up and going.


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